Prodecotech Phantom X RS Electric Hybrid Bicycle

Prodeoctech Phantom Hybrid ebikes are one the best selling high-powered street legal electric bicycle series in America. Each state of the art bicycle is made in the USA and available in a series of 8 stunning folding and rigid frame high-tech models.


Our Price: $2,499.99


Bicycle Description Specifications 2 Year Warranty
For A limited Time Receive A Free Matching Accessory Set Valued At Over $100.00 Included With Each Phantom X Ebike Purchase

The fast and furious Phantom X RS hybrid bicycle model implements the latest and most advanced eco-friendly technology, sporting a powerful 600 watt geared motor incorporating the latest state of the art Samsung weatherproof battery system. The Phantom X RS hybrid is the most aggressive ebike in its class and exceeds its marketplace competition in value and performance. The new battery system on the Phantom X RS is is now mounted to the downtube of the rigid frame for greater balance and handling. This lightweight rigid frame hybrid frame is crafted using the latest weatherproof aircraft technology in a solid lightweight frame, weighing in at just 58 lbs.
Going Green With An eBike Has Never Been So Rewarding

  • Ebikes offer a wealth of health benefits and a great way to stay in shape when exercise is necessary. Less physically active people are much less likely than sedentary people to develop heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, depression, disabilities in old age, or to die prematurely. Recent studies have shown riding 20 miles per week may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 50 percent. Ebikes are equally great for rehabilitation and provide a way to slowly build muscle tone and resistance at comfortable increasing pace.

  • Did you know American Electric-vehicle production just got another boost from Uncle Sam? The Senate Finance Committee has approved a $2,500 tax incentive for electric bicycles and electric motorcycles. The goal of the bill, is to create and keep U.S. jobs by encouraging growth of American manufacturers through consumer incentives. In addition to the new bill passed commuter benefits are also available with additional marginal savings. An appealing feature of electric bicycles is that they do not exhaust any harmful emissions from combustion engine with zero chances of Earth pollution. Even if we include the cost of frequent battery changes, an ebike is many times more environment friendly and cost effective than any other legal public road transportation model. (it is 18-13 times more efficient than automobile, 6 times from rail transit and has same environment impact as traditional bicycle).

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